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Nailing your marketing in 2021

As I mentioned in my about me blog, I am a bit of an organisation geek. I find it so helpful when creating marketing plans to understand what important dates to look out for.   However, it can be difficult to keep organised and ahead of plan. I have been guilty of...

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Meet the team: Why visuals matter with Cara

When you meet someone for the first time, whether that’s over coffee or over Zoom, first impressions stick. In fact, it’s a topic that I’m sure you’ve all talked about in one sense or another; it’s about sitting up straight and picking the perfect business-casual...

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Meet the team: A Q&A with Samantha

This week's blog is by Samantha Williams, Officer Manager for Dales PR and Marketing. Sam has over 20 years of experience in being a finance director of her family business so she is the brain behind a lot of our finance and business planning tasks and helps us...

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Media representation is key to lasting change

Earlier in the year we shared why we feel racial representation is important in one of our special insight features.  Influencing the media agenda so that there’s better representation of all people groups, was a key motivator for me becoming a journalist and I used to go out of my way to find stories affecting less ‘traditional’ radio audiences.  

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Christmas in July

Yes it barely feels like 2020 has got going – how  dare I mention the C word now!
But the truth is  if you’re a product based business and hope to secure media coverage to boost festive sales, now really is the time to start thinking about PR because Christmas is in July for many journalists. 

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Moving forward – our new services

May was a busy month for us. Our Office Manager, Sam, is working again; we’re adding new specialists to our freelance pool; working with some brilliant interns; and rejigging how we deliver our services, all to ensure we continue to offer great quality and value for money.

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Thoughts from a veteran home worker

Apparently today is National Work from Home Day. I look forward to seeing the PR that comes off the back of that one.

Since this new norm of remote working began,  I’ve heard people assume that those us who work from home normally, haven’t noticed much of a change. And I guess yes, though I’m working less, managing child and have people in the house ALL THE TIME, I’m still getting work done.

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